V-Twin Expo by Easyriders


If your products and/or services are geared toward the V-twin market, we are the right trade show to attend. We love all powersports, but our show maintains a singular, strategic focus on a specific portion of the industry: V-twin. When you’re planning your company’s trade show attendance, budget and staffs’ time, please consider the V-Twin Expo as a key tool to grow your business.


  • January 27-28, 2018
  • For most of the United States., this is not prime riding season, this is the time when dealers are prepping for the season and finalizing builds, upgrades, etc.
  • Manufacturers, designers, and builders come to release new products and catalogs. Most offer show specials and are ready to ship new products to your door.
  • Event date does not conflict with major industry events or rallies.


  • There are more V-twin dealers within 500 miles of Cincinnati than any other U.S. location.
  • Cincinnati serves as an airport hub and has hosted the V-Twin Expo for 18 years and delivers world-class hospitality, easy walks between hotels and the convention center via enclosed skyways.
  • Lodging, dining & entertainment are all conveniently close and economically feasible for small and large businesses alike.

Why The Dealers Attend

  • Dealers come to establish relationships with suppliers and acquire products that best serve their customers’ needs.
  • The V-Twin Expo is for pre-screened V-Twin suppliers and dealers.
  • Every exhibitor is focused on and involved in the v-twin industry.
  • Exhibitors offer show specials with special pricing, selection, and shipping available exclusively to attendees.
  • Come for the first look and ordering options for new products & services, trends, equipment and apparel to get a jumpstart on their competition.


  • Your exhibit layout in advance. The earlier you reserve space, the better your location and traffic.
  • To leverage the new product showcase for additional product exposure.
  • Submit your info for the Company Listing & Show Guide.


  • Use all communication tools: Your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, e-mail blasts, direct mail, etc. Include a link to www.vtwin-expo.com.
  • Promote show specials in advance to drive Dealers to YOUR booth.
  • Add V-Twin Expo dates to your online event calendar.


  • Work the show from open to close and network at night to take advantage of the unlimited business opportunities.
  • Attend our annual Welcome Party Saturday Night after the show. Come for free food, drinks and to hang out with great friends.


  • Connect ASAP with Dealers who placed orders or showed interest in your products and services.
  • Use real time marketing to create excitement back home: post photos of your exhibit and team engaged with dealers throughout the show weekend.